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Subject: SOA BUP and BPEL / ERP?

An interesting comment here to my post at eBizq.
The idea articulated here is what BCM/ERP is doing.
I'm not sure BPEL could support this treatment - maybe
some future abstract BPEL might - but right now BPEL
is not scriptable by a higher level abstraction.
Anyway - shows that an SOA BUP concept should
resonate well with people...?
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Ashok Mansukhani
I strongly concur with Shone Sadler's identification of BPM as the driver and compositor of business services, both coarse- and fine-grained, to deliver business best practices.

Incipient trends supporting such evolution is evidenced by Siebel's UAN-based Industry Solutions and perhaps Microsoft's Acclerators and Templates. These vertical templates that wrap best practices should eventually abstract and evolve into generic design patterns to be extended and configured into flexible solutions. A future loosely-coupled, extensible, and BPEL-based ERP of sorts?

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