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Subject: Borrowing from W3C Architecture work

Looking at the W3C stuff on their website - I see some good stuff
and some ugly.  The ugly mostly stems from their view that
WSDL is the center of the universe and provider of all things
to all men.  The notion that there may be a higher level of
business functional representation of partner collaborations
I think breaksdown from their very first diagram - showing how
a collaboration gets established.  There's a definate disconnect
between their model and ebXML.  Oh well. 
Their discovery process suffers from being UDDI centric -
so it completely misses the rich semantic tools that
ebXML Registry brings to the table - in terms of providing
industry domain support - again that whole notion of
fostering communities (vital to EPR / BCM BTW) is
MiA at the W3C - industry groups are just not their
We I believe can synthesize all this and come up with a
new and compelling better model.  The threads for that
are located further down their stuff - when they come to
detail SOA components.
So - on to the good stuff - someone has spent a deal of time
defining architecture patterns.   We can lift most of this
"as is" or just reference the links - no need to reinvent the
and therein I believe are the seeds of a better model for ebSOA and
what is required to do it and why.
Interestingly there are several things marked as issues - such as what a
http GET should return - that are marked 'unresolved'.  I believe this is
where ebSOA steps in - and says - for business interactions - here's
what you should be expecting to happen.
Enjoy, DW.

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