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Subject: Action items for upcoming call

 All action items are now on the action item area of our webpages.

Currently, Joe Chiusano, Ben Van Der Walle, Duane Nickull, John Yunker, 
Editors, Hamid Malek, David Webber, Ron Schuldt,   Dan Pattyn   and Tim 
Mathews  all have deliverables for the next meeting June 30.  Only one 
item is post June 30 due to Hamid's participation within the ebXML 
testing in France.

One item was to take a stab at section 3.0.  I found some information 
this morning.  I would like to suggest that we only briefly discuss what 
architectural patterns are and point at other sites for reference.  I 
think that a full description is beyond the scope of this document.

Best wishes


Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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