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Subject: Meetings - Conference call, Vancouver Face to Face

As per our last meeting, the next meeting is scheduled for June 30 and 
we will not be having a meeting tomorrow AM. 

I have also found and booked a location for the Face to Face meeting in 
August.  The location is the Granville Island hotel - an extremely 
picturesque locations right in the middle of Granville Island (very fun 

I also secured the corporate rates for anyone attending.  All you have 
to do is contact them and say (I was offered the preferred corporate 
rate and the cost for singles is $149 (Canadian - about $110 USD) and 
$169 CAD for doubles.


Important note:  They have an on-site micro brewery!!!  I would 
recommend booking soon since they are a bit short on beds.  If it is 
sold out, there are other hotels but they will require a short hike to 
get to Granville Island.

Extra circular activities will include a BBQ and wine tasting at my 
house on Monday night August 16th (We'll be opening some decent wines - 
Dominus Napanook, Chateau Faizeau, Beaucastel Chateaneuf du Pape (parker 
- 96 points).

There are also great restaurants with very good and extremely cost 
effective seafood and wines within walking distance.

The meeting Agenda will have to be discussed during our next conference 
calls but in general I would like to make sure we use a substantial 
portion of the time to update our document and work on putting our ideas 
into text.



Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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