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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] SOA and Shared Semantics


At this juncture I would like to point out
that the BCM/EPR team is preparing a set of
requirements for submission to ebSOA.

This stems from the work and meetings in
Norway over the past two weeks.

And indeed semantic information is a 
significant part of this - not only
for common understanding - but also
when used to create ontologies and
topic maps for discovery and reuse
of components.

The essence of the BCM/EPR needs can
be distilled in part from the PPT
presented in Norway - available
from http://www.eprforum.org

However - we are working on formalizing
the exact mechanisms and base requirements
so that an ebSOA based set of components
can support an BCM/EPR deployment.

It's obviously good to be able to focus
on a real deployment model - to be able
to hone exact requirements, and 
combination of requirements - rather than
things being noted in a piecemeal fashion.

Hope this helps.

Thanks, DW

Quoting Chiusano Joseph <chiusano_joseph@bah.com>:

> Is this a topic that we're planning on including in our spec? (I think
> we should) We can emphasize the role of ontologies in helping ensure
> "shared semantic understanding" between participants in an SOA.
> Joe
> -- 
> Kind Regards,
> Joseph Chiusano
> Associate
> Booz | Allen | Hamilton


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