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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Proposal to change TC front page

Our final SOA specification will likely be relevant to those who are 
building WS* or ebXML SOA implementations, regardless of whether we name 
it ebXML or WS or even the funnier eb-WS-XML.  This is because we are 
approaching the solution at a higher level than any specific standards. 
 If we adopt the metamodel for the patterns, we still have the ability 
to map back to the specific ebXML or WS or ??? standards as "known 
Implementations".  This will help reconcile the worlds.

An example of this may be the concept of registry.  We describe what it 
is, how it fits into the SOA blueprints and its' relationship with other 
SOA components.  Under Known uses, we may decide to list ebXML Registry, 
UDDI, Windows Registry, the J2EE Java RMI Registry and others..

1. After reviewing all the comments on this subject and the original 
charter, I am of the opinion that we should re-word our front page to 
reflect what we are doing.  IMO - it currently does not correspond to 
the activities of our TC.

2. Changing it s possible without changing our charter, as long as the 
wording does not violate our charter.  I have checked this with OASIS.

3. We would need to make a formal proposal and place it before the TC. 
 A quorum would have to approve it before it could be done.  I would 
like this to happen in order that we are positioned correctly in 
accordance with both our charter and our current activity.

Perhaps we can wordsmith something at our Face to face or before it.


Chiusano Joseph wrote:

>From a public perspective, given the level of press that this TC was
>given up to our initial F2F: Is there any negative side to changing the
>purpose so drastically? I'm just thinking how some folks may have "had
>their hopes up" regarding the updates to the TA v1.04, and such.
>Overall, this may not matter - but it's certainly a consideration.
>David RR Webber wrote:
>>I think we have to find wording we like first - then decide if it trips
>>any wires.
>>I like a chunk of what Duane wrote - but I'd wordsmith other
>>parts to make it less clumsy...
>>----- Original Message -----
>>From: "Chiusano Joseph" <chiusano_joseph@bah.com>
>>To: "Duane Nickull" <dnickull@adobe.com>
>>Cc: <ebsoa@lists.oasis-open.org>
>>Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 8:01 PM
>>Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Proposal to change TC front page
>>>Asking solely out of curiousity regarding OASIS procedures:
>>>It seems to me that the change in purpose stated below would affect the
>>>charter. If this is correct, how is such an alteration of charter
>>>(possibly considered a major one) handled within OASIS?
>>>Duane Nickull wrote:
>>>>Given the current direction of our group, it has been brought to my
>>>>attention that the public page, which states:
>>>>" The purpose of the TC is to continue work on the ebXML Technical
>>>>Architecture to bring it from v1.04 to a more current architecture that
>>>>takes into account both subsequent releases of the ebXML specifications
>>>>and other Web Services and service-oriented architecture works."
>>>>is probably no longer correctly describing what we are doing.
>>>>I would propose that we change it to something along the lines of:
>>>>" The purpose of the TC is to build upon the work of both ebXML and web
>>>>services to develop a formal Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
>>>>specification embracing the requirements of global electronic business.
>>>> The architecture will utilize the methodologies of Web Services and
>>>>ebXML specifications however remain neutral to prescribing either."
>>>>or something to that effect.
>>>>The purposes is to reflect that we have become a convergence point of
>>>>SOA activity and have a duty to build upon both but like any good
>>>>architecture, must not constrain implementations to using either.  I
>>>>believe this will have a high degree of value in that the principles of
>>>>SOA can be explored for business users and implementers without treading
>>>>in political waters.
>>>>We can likely define areas where web services has gaps that ebXML covers
>>>>and places where convergence may be best suited to bring the two stacks
>>>>as close together as possible.  This will likely start with an
>>>>architectural convergence (actually more of a reconciliation) since we
>>>>cannot normatively prescribe action to any other.
>>>>Senior Standards Strategist
>>>>Adobe Systems, Inc.
>>>Kind Regards,
>>>Joseph Chiusano
>>>Booz Allen Hamilton

Senior Standards Strategist
Adobe Systems, Inc.

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