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Subject: [Fwd: Crashes Deserve a Closer Look]


I like Peter Coffees' points here.  Clearly having reliable 
infrastructure is critical.

This need is more clearly serviced in CPA / BPSS rather than WSDL - with the
time-to-perform metrics.

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Title: eWeek: Peter Coffee
  Peter Coffee's Enterprise IT Advantage
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 September 27, 2004

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PETER COFFEE Crashes Deserve a Closer Look
News: Sun Proposes Single Persistence Model for Java
News: Web Services Delivers Sales
News: Palm OS Update Finds Its Voice
News: Reverse Migration: From Linux to Windows
News: Microsoft Changes Its Tune on Porting SP2 Fixes

Author Photo
Crashes Deserve a Closer Look

More than two decades of knowing better should translate to tools and statistics for Web services.

By Peter Coffee

We speak routinely of software crashing, but we don't give those events nearly the level of scrutiny that we give to real-world crashes. An airplane crash triggers a painstaking investigation. When software fails, the user is told to hope that it works the next time. Is this any way to run an airline?

This jarring difference in "crash" response has mostly been ignored. I do remember a comment, late in the 1980s, by one advocate of advanced software development environments: He compared C and C++ developers trying to diagnose a software failure to arson investigators roaming through the charred and smoking debris in search of a recognizable fragment of the match. Even at that time, there were superior counterexamples such as the Lisp machine—but relentless price pressures in the workstation market, not to mention the growing capability of PCs, drove developers down a path of false economy toward lower-cost tools that did much lower-quality work.

Read the rest of Peter's column here.

News: Sun Proposes Single Persistence Model for Java
The plan, which could delay the delivery of Java 2 Enterprise Edition 5.0, is to reconcile Java's persistence models, where a single model would run across the Java platform. Get the details on this plan here.

News: Web Services Delivers Sales
Web services are making new inroads into e-commerce. When mobile electronics and wireless phones retailer Car Toys sought out an online marketplace retailing solution, it turned to Mercent for a system that enabled it to grow its presence online and minimize IT costs. Learn more.

News: Palm OS Update Finds Its Voice
PalmSource will debut the latest Palm OS, which is designed for smart phones. The move is meant to expedite the release of new devices that will compete with the popular but pricey Treo 600. Read up on Cobalt.

News: Reverse Migration: From Linux to Windows
The number of enterprises migrating from Windows to Linux is a growing concern for Microsoft. But it's not a one-way street. Some companies — unhappy with their open-source experience — are making the switch back to Windows. Learn more about this migration trend.

News: Microsoft Changes Its Tune on Porting SP2 Fixes
Microsoft had told developers privately earlier this year of plans to port some SP2 fixes to older versions of Windows. Now, the company says it has no such intent.

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