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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Groups - Provisional Charter (Draft) (NEW-Charter-v0dot1_DRAFT.doc) uploaded


Good comments - seems to me then that another option here is
to create a SC of the TC to specifically attack this whole topic of
an SOA reference model - that's a lot less disruptive to the process -
allows you to quickly and easily create a charter for the SC to do that,
and allows us to retain the whole team.

Meanwhile - I'm thinking the BPSS team especially - once BPSS V2 is
complete here (we're very close on that) - can certainly pick up part
of the work on clarifying ebSOA V1 around that....

That will certainly get us thru the next 6 months handly - and then if
at that point there's more bi-furcation needed - we can assess then.

Seems like we're in danger of creating a ton of needless bureacratic
overhead for ourselves - with minimal advantage.

SC rock in OASIS for doing fast trail-blazing - which is what I'm
sensing you want to do!

Cheers, DW

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Duane Nickull" <dnickull@adobe.com>
To: "David RR Webber" <david@drrw.info>
Cc: <ebsoa@lists.oasis-open.org>
Sent: Tuesday, December 07, 2004 8:08 PM
Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Groups - Provisional Charter (Draft)
(NEW-Charter-v0dot1_DRAFT.doc) uploaded

> David RR Webber wrote:
> ><SNIP>
> >
> >Fourth - if you really really really want to go off and pursue the ocean
> >SOA - I would
> >respectfully suggest that is a new TC effort entirely - and one which you
> >are obviously
> >free to start in addition to the ebSOA TC as the OASIS process allows.
> >
> >
> DN - This is one of the options we discussed and are fine with.
> >However - I believe the constituency here wishes to complete the work on
> >ebSOA first
> >before launching out into another ocean.
> >
> >
> DN - the constituency that was present at the last 6 meetings agrees
> that if ebXML and web services are SOA, it makes sense to define what
> SOA is (as a reference model) before we go about specializing it.  The
> W3C Web Services Architecture group also came to a similar conclusion
> (my interpretation - maybe not shared).
> The work to define an SOA reference model (not an architecture) that
> adheres to the design principles of ws*, eb*  among others, is a work
> item that should be examined in detail.
> Duane
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> Vice Chair - UN/CEFACT Bureau Plenary - http://www.unece.org/cefact/
> Chair - OASIS eb SOA TC -
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