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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Groups - Provisional Charter (Draft) (NEW-Charter-v0dot1_DRAFT.doc) uploaded

To:  ebSOA TC

      I have two concerns about the plans articulated in this document and 
the informal notes from the last ebSOA TC meeting.  I am in Korea this 
week, so attendance at your December 8th meeting will be difficult (as it 
will occur at 3 am for me).  In any case, I ask the TC to take a slightly 
slower path towards any fundamental changes to your deliverables and 
     First, I have a purely rules-based concern about how to execute the 
proposed change.  As you know, changes to the scope of a TC that 
significantly change its field of operations generally are prohibited under 
our TC Process.  (This is not because it' a bad idea, but because observers 
and members rely on the charter for each TC to encapsulate its topic.)  A 
TC *may* significantly change direction, but if it expands its scope, we 
ask it to do so by closing and re-opening.  You can see several successful 
examples of this on our site, including the evolution of the "Management 
Protocol" TC into the very successful (but more broadly scoped) WSDM 
TC.  See 
     Thus, if the TC wishes to execute on the strategy being considered, I 
suggest that the TC not vote to close *until* the new TC charter is up and 
running (as with WSDM).  I would be pleased to discuss this further with 
the TC at a meeting.

     Second, and more significantly, I am concerned that there are some 
members who wish to pursue the original deliverables of the current ebSOA 
TC charter.   User and industry expectations encouraged around the ebSOA TC 
might be significantly deflated, if the existing TC seems to revert its 
attention wholly to architectures, and deprecate its planned examination of 
ebXML<>web service interoperability.   That latter project is in some 
demand.  Just today I attended in Korea a remarkable and rather advanced 
presentation on hybrid ebXML/WS methods.
     Thus, I would like to confirm that the part of the community 
interested in those deliverables is able to continue them, if they 
wish.  It would be unfortunate if the subtle changes in work plans being 
considered were misread, from the outside, as a withdrawal from some of the 
goals strongly articulated by this TC's proposers during the launch 8 
months ago.
     I have briefly discussed this with Duane and it's my understanding 
that he is amenable to the following approach
    -- Leave the present TC in operation over the next ~6 weeks.  (45 days 
is the incubation period for a new TC.)
    -- Complete the "rechartering" project as a drafting exercise, taking 
the time for consensus and broader community input if there is 
interest.  (I am inclined to suggest that a discussion list immediately be 
requested, to provide a separate channel for that, which would allow 
nonmembers to surveill and express interest.)
     -- We will chat with members about possible continuation of the 
existing TC with a slightly different membership and additional leadership, 
as desirable, to fulfill some of the original objectives, and populate that 
option during the same 4-6 week period.
     In this manner we could support all of the expectations of our 
heterogenous community, and I will formally suggest this when we are able 
to meet.
     Best regards  JBC

At 02:46 PM 12/7/2004, dnickull@adobe.com wrote:
>The document named Provisional Charter (Draft) 
>(NEW-Charter-v0dot1_DRAFT.doc) has been submitted by Duane Nickull to the 
>OASIS Electronic Business Service Oriented Architecture (ebSOA) TC 
>document repository. Document Description: Draft of potential new charter 
>for re-chartering group. Download 
>View Document Details: 
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>application may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to 
>copy and paste the entire link address into the address field of your web 
>browser. -OASIS Open Administration

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   +1 978 667 5115 x 203 central office
~   +1 310 293 6739 mobile 

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