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Subject: Some thoughts ahead toward January


I just want to take a moment here to thank you for all your efforts
on Architecture.  I know how hard this has been, not just now, 
but through the original ebXML effort too.  Sometimes this
stuff seems almost Herculean - but everyone outside of the
inner work involved just sees the final deliverable and thinks - 
huh - that looks easy....!   Truely architecture heads are
the unsung heroes behind the scenes and the battles often
are long, tortuous and frustrating as we findly remember
from the original ebXML!

Thanks for getting us to the point - I think this all makes 
sense - and I definately do not feel we have wasted anything - 
this has all been valuable in figuring out exactly what does
make sense in the first place.

I look forward to working with everyone both toward 
January and then in the coming months after that on the
important work that needs to be done to complete
the ebSOA and to figure that into a broader SOA RM as
you are now focusing your efforts on.

Thanks, DW

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