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Subject: Re: [ebxml-bp] Closing the gap between MSI and BSI and move on

David Webber (XML) wrote:

>Webber: Sacha,
>I think this is also something that involves the ebSOA team - as
>these are part of the patterns needed.
>We can certainly jointly develop this - and put initial outline work
>in the BPSS specification - that can then be more formally
>detailed for the ebSOA work in 2005 here.
>Thanks, DW
mm1: David, I would suggest we have some clear boundaries before 
engaging ebSOA team. Some of the discussion surrounds assumptions about 
the role of the MSI or BSI should be clarified by the experienced 
parties and experts involved from ebBP and ebMS teams (not to say there 
are not experts in ebSOA). Thanks.

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