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Subject: Re: [ebxml-msg] Re: [ebxml-bp] Re: [ebsoa] Re: [ebxml-bp] Closing thegap between MSI and BSI and move on

> John:
> Thanks.  I can now see where the confusion lies.  It appears that the 
> ebXML TA defined BSI as one thing in 1999, then later BPSS defined it 
> as something else.  The official ebXML glossary makes things even more 
> confusing:
> BSI = An ebXML collaboration that is
> conducted by two or more parties each
> using a human or automated business
> service that interprets the documents
> and document envelopes transmitted
> and decides how to (or whether to)
> respond.
> Probably a good idea to fix all of this. 

mm1: I would suggest this come back to a ebBP discussion and then we can 
include other groups as required. In addition (and as acknowledged in 
multiple emails), the BSI has history, relevance, and most importantly 
recognition in the ebXML community. Sacha, there has already been 
significant discussion in ebBP about the BSI and we are almost ready to 
engage in publishing the v2.0. Anyone interested in further discussing 
this, please feel free to attend our regular TC teleconferences. And for 
others on the ebMS, ebSOA and our ebBP, we forgive the email clutter 
(particularly those on multiple lists). Thanks.

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