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Subject: [Fwd: [ebxml-jc] ebJC 2/23/2005: Meeting Minutes 23 February 2005 andNext Meeting Scheduling]

As we indicated we would continue to do so, the ebXML JC is reaching out 
to provide information and encourage comment/participation in the 
ebXML-JC. Attached are the 23 February 2005 meeting minutes and the 
beginnings of a draft status update on our specification progress. Feel 
free to query the ebxml-jc site on other materials and the notice for 
the next meeting scheduled for 16 March 2005. A reminder will be 
forwarded to all teams prior to the next meeting. Thank you for your 
support and consideration. We particularly encourage your inputs on the 
status summary. Note this is very brief and an overview format. It may 
be expanded to include adoption, special focus areas, etc. and may 
assist OASIS in communicating our commitment and progress.



> Meeting minutes included below including draft status summary. I 
> encourage everyone to circulate this in their TC and provide 
> feedback/additions/corrections. I don't believe this is an extensive 
> hit-list of progress but an indicator of significant progress over 
> time.  In addition, for the next meeting which if in two weeks would 
> be 9 March 2005, I will be in Germany and unable to facilitate the 
> call. May I ask that we defer to 16 March 2005? Please let me know if 
> there are any objections.
> On the summary, Ian, it has been requested you add more specific 
> details/plans on ebMS v3.0. Thanks.
> 23 February 2005
> Meeting Minutes and Status Summary Draft
> ==============================
> ebXML JC call 23 February 2005
> Present:
> Breininger
> Durand
> Hardin
> Moberg
> Martin
> Regrets:
> Jones
> Agenda:
> 1. ebXML adoption initiative - and user community requirements 
> channeling - Status => See #3.
> 2. Update on integration and functional separation between specs - 
> e.g. ebBP and CPPA alignment (Martin) => Deferred discussion.
> 3. White paper (Martin): Awaiting inputs from Breininger for 
> Reg/Rep.=> White paper outline reforwarded 9 February 2005.
> Martin: Preliminary inputs received from Reg/Rep. More work required.
> [add] Status summary (related to white paper and external messaging):
> Martin: Discussed this more with J. Clark; external messaging desired.
> Moberg: Analysts are asking about ebXML progress.
> Durand: Is there a deadline for this summary? Want to give a more 
> concrete date for ebMS. We have a pending update for security and 
> reliability. Query Ian specifically for a projected date for Committee 
> Draft progress.
> Martin: No date set. Will contact Clark to discuss further.
> 4. Other business
> a. ebSOA status and ebXML JC
> John Hardin in attendance
> Hardin: Introduction: 15 year IT experience, 10 years experience in 
> mission critical applications development
> ebSOA has started and the first meeting was held week of 14 February 
> 2005.
> Team: Other JC introductions.
> Martin: What about ebSOA progress and plans?
> Hardin: Bring new energy to this group. Focus on ebSOA usage 
> guidelines and specification document. How to compose the ebXML set of 
> specifications that map to SOA need to be articulated. Show how to 
> compose these service capabilities in the context of SOA. Seeking 
> guidance.
> Martin: Can we work together on white paper on composability?
> Hardin: Yes. We anticipate even more complexity, such as ebMS v3.0 for 
> other web services technologies. Usage guidelines should have an 
> enterprise architectural focus. Other documents may be used by SOA RM 
> and leveraged by ebSOA. Documents seek to increase understanding on 
> how to use the specs together.
> Breininger: Non-normative at this point.
> Moberg: This is more inline with the original focus of the ebSOA. We 
> originally thought we would see an architectural update for the new 
> ebXML work.
> Hardin: How does SOA reference model relate to ebSOA? Nickull's focus 
> is an abstract reference model that may be applied to an SOA (include 
> semantic web, web services, and ebXML), and allow other SOAs to point 
> to. SOAs can be structurally compliant or not. ebSOA will develop 
> patterns that can draw similarities and differences, and encourage 
> interoperability, with ebXML and web services.
> Martin: Is there a task list or issues?
> Hardin: Not yet. Appoint editors next week.
> Moberg: These documents will give us some scope and architectural 
> ideas to agree with, for example. It could also leverage recent 
> discussions such as on ebMS-CPPA-ebBP discussion on Messaging Service 
> Interface-BSI. Each of us could talk about our own architectural 
> perspective for each of the associated specifications.
> Team: Concur to jointly develop white paper together.
> Hardin: Agreed and will participate for ebSOA in ebXML-JC.
> Event notice for 23 February 2005
> =================================
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-jc/event.php?event_id=7163 
> Also forwarded to ebMS, CPPA and BP teams.
> Notice should also be sent to ebXML IIC in the future.
> Summary (sent 23 February 2005)
> ===============================
> Question: On future update, add CC, architecture.
> Question: On future update, do we add adoption indicators.
> Pending: JC/TC review of summaries
> Summary of specification progress within OASIS:
> JC reference (original draft): 
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-jc/email/archives/200502/msg00012.html 
> Slightly updated:
>    * ebMS: v3.0 (in work, draft)
>          o Draft in work. F2F held in January 2005, however progress
>            has been slower than anticipated with a small group.
>            Although progress has been slow, key changes are in work
>            such as integration with WS-Reliability, payload services,
>            security improvements, WS-I BP conformance, at a minimum.
>          o Working document reference:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-msg/download.php/11373/wd-ebms-3_0.html 
>            (February 2005)
>          o Status: May meet at OASIS symposium. No projected date for
>            v3.0 Committee Draft status.
>    * ebReg/Rep v3.0 (Committee Drafts, public review)
>          o v3.0 RIM and RS achieved Committee Draft in February 2005.
>            Public review has begun towards OASIS standard.
>          o Review notice: Public review continues to 14 March 2005.
>            Significant improvements have been made including SAML
>            support, WS-I BP compliance, event notification, content
>            management capabilities, etc.
>          o Specification references:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/regrep/document.php?document_id=11383 
>          o FAQ summary: http://www.ebxml.org/ebusinessxmlregistry.pdf
>          o Capabilities summary update:
>            http://xml.coverpages.org/ni2005-02-14-a.html (from Cover 
> Pages)
>    * ebCPPA v2.1 (in work, draft)
>          o Errata v2.1 distributed in draft form in early February
>            2005. Work continues slowly on negotiation and alignment
>            with ebMS and ebBP specification development in the areas of
>            role bindings, transactions, etc. Progress has been made in
>            abstracting some of the ebCPPA concepts to enable effective
>            use of many underlying protocols such as those for web
>            services, AS2, etc.
>          o Errata v2.1 reference:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-cppa/document.php?document_id=11280 
>    * ebBP: v2.0 (in work, TC review of working draft starts 23 Feb 2005)
>          o Working draft is entering formal TC review starting today,
>            23 February 2005. Package includes schema, XSLT example
>            transform for v1.01=>2.0 migration, signals schema and
>            example, comments and work item list, glossary. Many
>            improvements have been made in state transitions,
>            composability (ComplexBTA and OperationMapping), role
>            binding and monitoring constructs. In addition, the BT
>            patterns have been concretized and extensible patterns
>            developed to enable the user community.          o Working 
> package was uploaded (and then revised) 22 February
>            2005. A pre-notification has been developed for key user
>            communities to solicit early comments and investment. This
>            will be distributed after the working draft enters the TC
>            formal review (internal only) in preparation for Committee
>            Draft vote.
>          o Specification draft reference:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-bp/email/archives/200502/msg00136.html 
>          o Pre-notification reference:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-bp/email/archives/200502/msg00135.html 
>    * ebXML IIC v1.1 (Committee Draft package)
>          o In January 2005, the IIC updated its conformance and
>            interoperability packages including the IIC framework and
>            achieved v1.1
>          o Committee Draft status. This v1.1 update provides many
>            improvements, and has also resulted in a freely available
>            implementation
>          o from NIST. Improvements include more comprehensive web
>            services and ebXML testing support. The team has also been
>            working with OASIS on interoperability planning for expanded
>            activities within OASIS standardization development and with
>            a TAB subteam that is investigating how to rationalize
>            conformance criteria (including informal discussions with 
> W3C).
>          o NIST open implementation: http://ebxmltesting.nist.gov/.
>            Three implementations have been conducted by NIST, Korbit,
>            and Drake Certivo.
>          o v1.1 IIC Committee Drafts:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-iic/document.php?document_id=10896 
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> of the OASIS TC), go to 
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