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Subject: Re: Medical Banking Project PoC

Hello to all -
This is an unofficial notification to all of a new, cross-industry Proof 
of Concept, directed at the healthcare challenges we currently face as a 
nation. I am sending this out in response to a large number of requests 
for information.

There will be official notification and press releases sent from the 
Medical Banking Project and the OASIS ebSOA group a bit later, after 
some housekeeping items are taken care of.

The PoC will take the form of a shared, public, long-running (or 
always-on) business process, hosted on a trusted third party, protected 
network. Electronic Health Records, as the basis of the system, will be 
   hosted as bank accounts are hosted, with transactional messaging 
based on open standards between all participants. Pub/Sub and 
private/public process integration will be accomplished via open 
standards. Nearly the entire software architecture will be open source, 
with the exception of XML Firewalls.

Major employers are expressing interest in funding and participating in 
this effort, as they will be the recipients of improvements, including: 
  increased access to care, more timely and accurate information 
regarding health history and current conditions, real-time e-prescribing 
and pharmaceutical interaction analytics, preventive intervention care 
portals and eventually, improved health individually and as a community 
for the employees. The result, after deployment, will be dramatically 
lowered costs for all concerned.

OASIS and WS-I specs, including BPSS 2.0 will be used. My understanding 
of BPSS 2.0 is that the model is very robust, and capable of the 
somewhat complex decision trees, forks and long-running-transaction 
characteristics we have targeted.

Please be aware that we are in the process of creating a formal Proof of 
Concept - that it will be a combined effort with a large number of 
parties, and that the Medical Banking Project will be the primary 
organizational location for the activity. John Casillas (Exec. Dir at 
http://www.mbproject.org) has been articulating his vision, and putting 
his considerable energy behind these ideas for more than a decade. He 
has now gathered a "political power center" that has the attention and 
intention of dozens of significant participants across the entire 
problem domain.

The model created by MBProject, specifically of enabling better access 
to care through organized charitable donations, and movement of digital 
cost savings into mechanisms to assist under/un-insured, is destined to 
change the face of medical coverage forever.

David Webber, Tom Dean (CEO at http://wwwCriticaltech.com) and myself 
are putting our "technology power centers" to work in conjunction with 
MBProject, to bring large-scale SOA concepts to the healthcare industry.

Please also keep in mind that one of the hallmarks of this effort is the 
requirement for interoperability, due to the wide cross-section of 
industries involved. We will be constructing a backbone that is capable 
of output/input in multiple BOD formats, and capable of calling private 
business processes that are based on eprXML, BPEL, BPML or other, and we 
may find it necessary to use a combination of any.

This will be a comprehensive proof of interoperability that will involve 
every participant role that participate in the healthcare processes, as 
we have currently identified them. We have interested parties, at least 
one of every participant type, that we are securing commitment from 
regarding their intention and capability to participate.

Persons and groups interested in participating should send notification 
to john@crossconnections.ws and johnc@mbproject.org (both please). You 
should be prepared to participate in periodic conference calls and input 
into the construction of the open standards shared process. If there are 
web services available (ebXML or WS-I based) to connect to the shared 
process, please also indicate that in the email.

All participants and interested parties are encouraged to join the 
Medical Banking Project. The fee is nominal, the members are significant 
and the rewards are great, in more ways than one. For information, 
contact John Casillas at johnc@mbproject.org or 

I will be keeping a constant information channel running through the IHC 
and ebSOA groups, along with an RSS feed from the 
http://www.crossconnections.ws website.

Best regards to all.

john c hardin
CIO - crossconnections.ws
313.930.5323 cell

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of 
a global village."

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962

Ed Dodds wrote:
> John and Monica:
> I mentioned the Medical Banking Project PoC during the ebBP call and 
> Monica Martin wanted to know if BPSS would be used. I punted and 
> said "best practices" will be used. She asked me to send an email with 
> details. This is that email. Can you please follow up with her. As you 
> know SUN has expressed its interest in this area several times. 
> Ed Dodds
> dodds@conmergence.com <mailto:dodds@conmergence.com>
> www.conmergence.com <http://www.conmergence.com/>
> 615. 429 . 8744 cel | tel
> 508 . 632 . 0370 fax
> ed1dodds aim
> 49457096 icq
> Read <Conmergence/> <http://www.conmergence.com/>
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