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ebsoa message

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Subject: suggested changes to ebsoa content

Hello to all -
The ebSOA group has undergone a change of the guard in the past two months, 
including the approval of a new chair, new secretary and new editors. In that 
light, and taking into account the formation of the SOA-RM group, I would like 
to start a conversation regarding the the description and charter of the ebSOA 

Please review the following suggested changes to the description and charter. I 
am seeking feedback so that we can iterate these items until they accurately 
reflect characteristics of the groups' focus. Since the ebSOA group subject 
matter is the composition of many specs into usable framework architectures, I 
have included chairs of the e-Business and Service Oriented Architecture groups 
for their comments also.

#### Home Page Revision ####

Change Group Description from:

"Advancing architectural patterns for using Service Oriented Architecture in 
electronic business"


"Delivering Service Oriented Architecture framework composition guidelines, and 
accompanying technical specifications."

#### Charter Revision ####

Statement of Purpose:

To provide an updated normative technical architecture specification 
illustrating the composition of e-Business Service Oriented Architectures 
through the use of the various specifications ratified by OASIS, including Web 
Services and ebXML based technologies. To provide a set of high-level usage 
guidelines accompanying the technical architecture specification, with the 
purpose of illustrating the features and benefits of e-Business Service Oriented
Architectures based on OASIS specifications, for managers and project teams.
To facilitate discussion and evolution of architectural models for SOA's.

Scope - no changes

Thank you. Based on the suggestions and conversation, I will make changes to the 
items, and place them up for vote.

john c hardin
CIO - crossconnections.ws
313.930.5323 cell

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962

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