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Subject: request to liaison with FWSI TC

Dear Mr. Pascual and Mr. Lee,
A suggestion has been made by Mr. Tan to request a liaison between the FWSI TC 
and the ebSOA TC. We are engaged in work to define usage profiles and document 
the Technical Architecture v2.0 for the current versions of the ebXML and 
Service Oriented Architecture related specifications.

Best regards,
John Hardin

Here is some additional information:

Our statement of purpose:
To provide a set of high-level usage profile examples accompanied by a technical
architecture specification, with the purpose of illustrating the features and 
benefits of e-Business Service Oriented Architectures based on OASIS 
specifications, for managers and project teams.

The TC will:
-- Assess the subsequent and related works noted herein and the implementation
experience of the existing ebXML and Web Services specifications.
-- Update the descriptive statements of existing ebXML and Web Services 
specifications in an updated Technical Architecture document(s) to reflect the 
subsequent approved versions, and the other developments and implementation 
experiences described here.
-- Assess the implement ability and interoperability of the multiple ebXML and 
Web Services specifications, provide comments and suggestions to the TCs 
managing the individual specifications, and identify gaps or future work (if 
any) needed or desirable for useful complete implementations.
-- Assess the implement ability and interoperability of other relevant approved 
e-business and web services standards with one or more existing ebXML 
specifications, provide comments and suggestions (if any) to the TCs and other 
panels managing the relevant individual specifications, and (if the TC elects) 
provide non-normative examples or suggestions for useful combinations and 
extensions of the various specifications.
-- Adhere to the requirements of the ebXML Requirements Specification [v1.06] 
and/or later revisions.
-- Provide an opportunity for each TC that manages an individual ebXML and/or 
Web Service(s) specifications to comment on and correct any descriptions or
characterizations of those specifications before they are incorporated into any 
work approved by this TC.
-- Not publish normative public guidance about an existing ebXML specification 
that contradicts the approved text. Suggestions for change or extension should 
be welcome and recorded, but expressed in a manner that does not undermine the 
approved specifications as the primary source of ebXML technical guidance.

Our full proposed charter (voting on this new version is in process):

Technical Committee Home Pages:


john c hardin
Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee
313.279.1377 new *VONAGE* number

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962

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