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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] ebsoa tc - working plan and content


The TC did vote to allow online ballots so the mechanism is available to 
you.  What constitutes a quorum for this purpose is probably specified 
in the OASIS rules.


john c hardin wrote:

> ebSOA TC Members:
> We have had a lull in activity, but are now ready to make some 
> progress, after wrap-up of the OASIS Symposium in New Orleans.
> 1. There is one outstanding item to be wrapped up:
> Vote on charter clarification:
> We have a total of 3 votes (all Yes) on this item, and we require a 
> Special Majority Vote. I was also remiss in the procedure required for 
> the vote, see the note below re: Charter Clarification. We need to 
> await the comment from the TC Administrator regarding the vote 
> process, ie: can we continue to vote as is, or do we require the TC 
> Administrator to setup and conduct the ballot. A separate notification 
> to the TC Administrator has been sent prior to this email.
> The proposed charter clarification can be found at:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebsoa/download.php/12455/ebSOA-TC-charter-v1.01-NTC-1.pdf 
> 2. We need to begin the work on the Technical Architecture revision.
> I am requesting that all editors make themselves available for a 
> series of working sessions. Contained in the "::" markers below is the 
> proposed plan, notes and suggested items for documenting a new version 
> of the Technical Architecture, with a proposed version number 2.0.
> Please comment on your availability and the content re: the revisions 
> found in this email.
> Thank you, best regards.
> John

Senior Standards Strategist - Adobe Systems, Inc. - http://www.adobe.com
Vice Chair - UN/CEFACT Bureau Plenary - http://www.unece.org/cefact/
Adobe Enterprise Developer Resources  - http://www.adobe.com/enterprise/developer/main.html

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