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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] editors sessions

FYI....draft 06 of SOA-RM is attached, and please note that it is an 
"editor's draft", meaning, parts of the document have yet to be formally 
reviewed by the SOA-RM TC.

john c hardin wrote:

> Editors -
> I am reviewing the slides at 
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/12292/BCM-FERA-Presentation.ppt 
> and am making notes re: the structure of the new Tech Arch, and where 
> we can fit the concepts and the language from the FERA approach in as 
> the over-arching paradigm. Please review these slides also.
> Shortly, we will have the advantage of Mr. Dan Pattyn's slides (no 
> more than 10 tops) to show the alignment between BCM / ebSOA / FERA / 
> BPSS for review over the next few days with aim of having a slide deck 
> next week. (Thanks Dan and David for lining this up!)
> We also need to ensure that we map the Tech Arch document to the ebXML 
> JC white paper sections, in order to give the execs and the engineers 
> in an organization the same concept names to speak against. This will 
> be simple, consisting of drawing a parallels by using the same section 
> headings or identifying concept language, where they fit. I have 
> attached the whitepaper outline. Note that there is an ebXML JC call 
> today that is open to all. Notification was sent from Monica Martin 
> yesterday.
> We also need to take into account the SOA-RM discussions, draft 
> document wd-soa-rm-04.pdf, and the draft document ebsoa-wd-047.doc 
> from Duane's leadership of ebSOA, to glean the important items from 
> that. OASIS will look silly if the SOA RM and the ebSOA don't map.
> As always, comments are welcome.
> John


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