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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] events and agents as defined in an ebSOA

Richard Manning from Sun Microsystems presented on JXTA at the 2004 Symposium. 
Slides are found at:


john c hardin wrote:
> I would like to start a conversation on the list re: the agent 
> architecture, as proposed in the Federated Enterprise Reference 
> Architecture approach.
> Thanks to Goran, Vasco and the ebXMLsoft team for creating the 
> presentation attached, and to David Webber and Dan Pattyn for pointing 
> me to the BCM material.
> I think that there are several inputs that we can include to round out 
> the ideas of a non-intrusive, event-driven agent model. Opinions are 
> requested from the group on these, and preferences for how to specify 
> the agent mechanisms using a combination of the approaches here:
> - The Agent Framework is described in the attached BCM / FERA 
> presentation. There is a lot of good material here, however, we need to 
> make sure that we are re-using stable OASIS specs where possible. I 
> would like to map the specifications mentioned in the presentation to 
> the existing specs.
> - The BCM Linking and Switching as a mechanism to bind to the agent 
> framework
> - Possibly including JXTA concepts, where possible, as they describe 
> peering between components and applications. 
> http://www.jxta.org/JXTAFAQ.html
> - Complex Event Processing, using the concepts outlined by David 
> Luckham: From http://www.complexevents.com/
> Complex Event Processing (CEP) is an emerging technology for building 
> and managing information systems including:
>     * Business Activity Monitoring
>     * Business Process Management
>     * Enterprise Application Integration
>     * Event-Driven Architectures
>     * Application Servers and Middleware
>     * Network and Systems Security

john c hardin
Chair, OASIS ebSOA Technical Committee
313.279.1377 new *VONAGE* number

"The new electronic interdependence recreates the world in the image of a global 

     Marshall McLuhan, "Gutenberg Galaxy", 1962

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