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Subject: ebxml-jc 5/17/2005: Meeting Scheduled for 18 May 2005

Meeting minutes from 4 May 2005 attached.

Meeting Notice for 18 May 2005:

	ebxml-jc Bi-Weekly Teleconference (Conference Call)
Description Toll-free (US): 1-877-330-9868, hit ** and when prompted 
Toll-paid: 909-472-3386, enter 877-330-9868 when prompted. Refer to 
Toll-free instructions above to complete.
Minutes 	See Kavi under Documents on ebxml-jc site, Meeting Notes. I 
will also send via list to those who don't have access.

Agenda 	1. Technical White Paper outline
a. Response from Architecture (Hardin)
b. IIC deployment Template (Durand)
c. Any feedback from team on outline and start of messaging section.
2. Other business
a. Request from FWSI

ebXML JC Teleconference Call 3 May 2005

Dan Patton (BCM)

Mapping groups

1. OASIS Symposium feedback.
Martin: Good participation and evidencing the change in focus
Patton: Quality was better this year from a technical perspective.
Need to established relationship between knowledge management
and XML related technologies. In Norway, they are modeling vocabularies
and knowledge in content models in Protege (using inference engines).
Hardin: This ties in semantics and contexts.
Patton: Problems in using many XML schemas was acknowledged (Mitre, for example).
Uncertain if OASIS understands the implications of this scope.
Durand: Interesting mix of technology and users, which aren't quite aligned.
Unclear how much OASIS can contribute here; it may be in tooling.
There is a gap between the modelers and technologists. There is vendor interest
here too.
Martin: It may be a challenge to not only raise consciousness but effect interoperability
and convergence.
Hardin: Need platform-independent meta-ontology for vocabularies and dictionaries.
Working with UDEF and RosettaNet has joined (included RosettaNet Dictionary Architecture team).
Could create some transformation architecture. SUMO is working with UDEF.
Moberg: UDEF is one approach of standardizing semantics, then Core Components.
I am uncertain how that maps to CC context. How do RDF and OWL fit here (first-order logic and domain knowledge)?
This seems lacking in UDEF and UDEF doesn't standardize the semantic primitives like CC does.
How does this relate to the Semantic Web?
Hardin: We had a suggestion from W3C (semantic web) to put UDEF ids as part of DNS tables.
Patton: Tooling is lacking.

2. Technical White Paper outline

a. Response from CC (Bosak/Crawford)
b. Response from Architecture (Hardin)

Martin: Need to review the update I sent 3 May 2005.
Filled out the introductory section and the first part of the ebMS
Need feedback on the level of detail and target audience so the sections
are developed consistently.
Hardin: The ebSOA work should complement and support this technical white paper under development.
Also looking at federated enterprise architecture model (FEA).
BCM, ebSOA, FERA, and FWSI will be addressed in Dan Patton's brief.
Many new specifications have been approved since the original ebTA was written.
Need feedback on list of specifications in their working plan.
Need to get more so to talking about SOA in the context of ebXML.
For example, Reg/Rep has taken steps with security and access controls.


c. IIC deployment Template
Durand: ebMS team sees a need to profile ebMS (such as RosettaNet).
The deployment template will have a role there.
We will define metadata for any specification using such as template.


3. Other business
a. Request from FWSI 

Hardin: Liaison ebSOA and FWSI (Delivery, Security, Management, Process)
XDS server HealthCare enterprise using v3.0
Electronic health records

Working plan for ebSOA: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-jc/email/archives/200505/msg00007.html
UDEF: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-jc/email/archives/200505/msg00008.html
FWSI request: http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebxml-jc/email/archives/200505/msg00001.html

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