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Subject: Charter clarification ballot

    The OASIS ebSOA TC chair has notified me that the TC has requested a 
ballot on the proposed charter change listed at:
    The TC's current charter can be found at:

     The current TC Process rules address TC charter changes carefully, 
because the TC and our member and user communities all consume the charter, 
as key metadata about the scope and nature of a TC's work.  The rules allow 
a TC to "clarify" its charter without re-starting the TC, if the proposed 
change removes ambiguity or narrows the scope of the TC's topic, and does 
not broaden or otherwise change that scope.  The list of deliverables may 
be expanded, but only if the new deliverables are within the (pre-existing) 
     I have reviewed the proposal and find that it qualifies as a charter 
clarification.  (I note that some of the deliverable deadlines are short, 
and that any planned 'usage profiles'  would necessarily be incorporated as 
illustrative examples into the current list of deliverables, as they're 
written;  but these are outcomes which the TC members are free to choose. 

     To obtain approval of a charter clarification, I am required to 
conduct a web-based TC ballot, and the change must be approved by a 
"Special Majority Vote" of the TC (defined in the TC Process:  this is the 
same supermajority used to approve committee specifications.)   I have 
opened this ballot, which will remain open for 14 days (closing 8 June 
2005).  The ballot can be seen at:
     The ballot uses the TC roster's record of which members currently are 
voting members:  this information, which is maintained by the TC 
chair,  can be viewed at 

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   jamie.clark@oasis-open.org 

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