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Subject: Re: ebXMLsoft FERA Donation To ebSOA TC

Title: ebXMLsoft IPR Proposal
Thanks very much for posting this.  I'm sure we can discuss at
the next scheduled conference call.
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Sent: Tuesday, June 28, 2005 9:06 PM
Subject: ebXMLsoft FERA Donation To ebSOA TC


As you may already know, we have been in the process of formalizing an IPR proposal to the OASIS ebSOA TC regarding our donation of a complete set of specifications to serve as a basis and starting point for the ebSOA TC. Part of the process is to solicit feed back from Jamie Clark to ensure completeness of the proposal on our part prior to forwarding the proposal to this TC group. We very much understand, appreciate, and empathise with the additional work we have asked of Jamie up and above his current busy schedule. In the absence of any negative feedback from OASIS at this point, we are encouraged to proceed on the basis and assumption that Jamie's position in this regard is positive and would now like to offer up our proposal to you with the understanding that we will gladly review Jamie's comments and observations when we get them and potentially adjust where necessary to suit OASIS accordingly.


Dale P. Castle
EVP Business Development & Partners
ebXMLsoft Inc.
(B) 416-233-8850
(M) 905-460-5902

ebXMLsoft IPR Proposal:  

ebXMLsoft will submit the following detailed specifications to the OASIS ebSOA TC for acceptance by the ebSOA TC and formal adoption into the body of the ebSOA work (the abbreviation SOA refers to Service Oriented Architecture). The submission consists of prior work on the Federate Enterprise Reference Architecture (FERA) by ebXMLsoft who have sole rights to the FERA work; and that work applies to the following ebSOA components:     

  • ebSOA Information Model (IM) that provides support for all types of collaborations in ebSOA. ebSOA IM can be stored in a standard registry like OASIS ebXML Registry or OASIS UDDI Registry and used to provide context and content informational support for collaborative processes. ebSOA IM is presented in a form of a XML document we call the Collaborative Process Information Document (CPID) that can be formatted in either OASIS ebXML or OASIS UDDI standard registry. CPID is currently formatted in OASIS ebXML Registry.
  • ebSOA Collaboration Semantics (CS) enables full semantic integration of SOA architectural components bringing all of them together in the powerful ebSOA architecture capable of supporting business process collaborations of any type and complexity.
  • The complete FERA run-time architecture with all components and their integration interfaces defined that forms the basis for a normative instance of an ebSOA run-time model. Please see ebXMLsoft’s FERA/ebSOA Run-Time Architecture diagram: 

In making this contribution it should be noted that standards convergence is a very important aspect of the ebXMLsoft FERA work because it references (where needed) the best available standard components based on the standard components’ completeness and functionality (i.e., OASIS ebXML BP, W3C SOAP with WS-Security and WS-Reliability, OASIS ebXML Messaging, OASIS ebXML Registry, OASIS UDDI, OASIS UBL, OASIS XACML, OASIS SAML, etc.). As such, we believe this aligns completely with the charter and goals of the OASIS ebSOA TC. 

Further ebXMLsoft in donating this body of work to the OASIS ebSOA TC, the acceptance of which by the TC will imply:

  • Fully endorsing the proposed ebSOA normative instance model based on FERA and ensuring formal recognition in the contributors section of the ebSOA specifications of the ebXMLsoft role in providing it.  (It is very important for ebXMLsoft to receive visible recognition, current and ongoing, for the contributing detailed specifications being offered up by ebXMLsoft).
  • The normative ebSOA model based on FERA to be retained as a complete reference package, that may later be refined and enhanced by the ebSOA TC, but references to it cannot be summarily removed from the ebSOA specification(s).
  • The FERA work being donated is intended to be utilized by OASIS as a starting point to build from thereafter through the normal OASIS TC process as specification enhancements naturally emerge over the course of time. The body of the original FERA documents work should be placed at the OASIS ebSOA TC portal (Kavi) and links to this remain publically accessible through the completion of the ebSOA TC work.

Subject to the acceptance of these provisos ebXMLsoft is prepared to donate to the OASIS ebSOA TC the body of work contained in the existing FERA work "as is" and without any licensing or intellectual property right (IPR) restrictions.  Further ebXMLsoft attests that this donation is made without any prior or pending IPR impediments being applicable or attached to this body of work to the best knowledge of ebXMLsoft and that the work conforms to the OASIS IPR requirements for the ebSOA TC.

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