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Subject: Semantion's FERA-based SOA Contribution

Hello All,
It is my pleasure to submit the FERA-based SOA specification documents to the ebSOA TC as Semantion's contribution. Semantion's FERA-based SOA specification includes three documents:
1. Run-time Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) V0.1
2. Service Oriented Architecture Information Model (SOA IM) V0.1
3. Service Oriented Architecture Collaboration Semantics (SOA CS) V0.1
This note has the first two documents attached. We are finalizing the third document that will be available in the next few weeks, at which time it will be submitted to the ebSOA TC as well. Using the information provided, we can start the TC work on the SOA specification as of now. 
We would also like to see if the ebSOA TC is interested in the FERA-based SOA presentation and demo with Semantion's technology. If this is the case, we would like to schedule it as soon as possible. We believe that it will help everybody in understanding the overall solution, its SOA information model and SOA collaboration semantics based framework as well as its direction towards the standard convergence.
Goran Zugic
Chief Architect
Semantion Inc.



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