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Subject: RE: [ebsoa] SOA Collaboration Semantics

Thanks for sending these documents - it's clear that a great deal of work has gone into them.
I have a few questions, please:
Run-Time SOA: I get the notion of a reference architecture as shown in Figure 1 on p.3. Having said that, I would expect that any run-time (concrete) architecture that is depicted as being based on the reference architecture is merely for exemplary purposes, yet the run-time architecture is simply presented without any indication of its purpose. Since the run-time architecture is greatly concrete, is it intended that products be based on it? Is it intended for exemplary purposes? Other?
SOA Information Model: Though this is called a "SOA" information model, this document looks more to me like a "Process Information Model" that is actually independent of SOA (that is, I did not see anything that restricted it to SOA). In fact, in order to call something a "SOA" information model, I would assert that there are several other areas that would need to be incorporated beyond processes - e.g. security, policy, QoS, etc. Even considering the process perspective, there is nothing that I see in this information model that speaks distinctly to a service-oriented paradigm - in fact, figure 1 (p.24) does not even have a "Service" concept. What is the intended use of this document for ebSOA?
Joseph Chiusano
Booz Allen Hamilton
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Washington, DC 20005
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C: 202-251-0731
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From: Goran Zugic [mailto:goran.zugic@semantion.com]
Sent: Friday, October 21, 2005 2:21 AM
Subject: [ebsoa] SOA Collaboration Semantics

Hello ebSOA TC,


Semantion is pleased to announce the completion of its FERA-based SOA contribution to ebSOA TC.


The SOA Collaboration Semantics document




contains FERA-based SOA semantics specification that together with two previously submitted documents, Run-time SOA and SOA Information Model, represent Semantion's SOA specification framework.


The new releases of the Run-time SOA document and the SOA Information Model  document are available at






These documents should be reviewed in the following order:


- Run-time SOA

- SOA Information Model

- SOA Collaboration Semantics


Please let me know if you have any questions or need more information regarding the submitted documents.


Goran Zugic
Chief Architect
Semantion Inc.

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