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Subject: ConCall Schedule for ebSOA TC

The ebSOA TC did a survey of members in the fall of 2005 to get a time that would accomodate the most participants. I handled this effort; you can see the messages relating to this effort beginning at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/ebsoa/email/archives/200509/msg00010.html
As a result of the input we changed the time to Tuesdays at 3 pm ET. One of the people we were making an effort to accomodate was Hamid who was on yesterdays call. Since you have not been participating of late the inconvience of this time for you was not an issue. Your raising it to accomodate participants in Asia I would suggest should be addressed by the full TC since the objective is to maximize participation.
Having been through this once for this TC I know there is no one ideal time. Changing the time without evidence that we will get more participation in terms of people and contribution is likely to be counterproductive.
As you have raised the issue of the scheduling of the call time you should obtain the facts, define the issue/options and present them to the full TC.

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