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Subject: Election of TC chair

Members of the OASIS ebSOA TC:

     As you know, John Hardin has found it necessary to resign his role as 
chair of this committee.  We appreciate the leadership he has provided to 
the important work of this committee.  In order to continue its progress, 
the next step this committee must take is to elect a successor TC 
chair.  Please note that the TC may elect two persons (as co-chairs), if it 

     The ebSOA TC has a large body of useful work under examination, and a 
workplan in its charter. In order to ensure the smooth continuation of this 
work, we would like to take the following steps.

     The rules allow OASIS staff, acting at the TC administrator, both to 
call meetings and to conduct the election of a new chair.  I declare 
nominations open for that role.  Several persons have indicated a potential 

     Of course, election of a replacement chair is a matter for the 
committee to decide.  TC members are welcome to nominate or suggest 
themselves or others.  Please do so by e-mail to Mary McRae, our Manager of 
TC Administration, at

no later than 16 February 2006 (Eastern US time).  Assuming that we receive 
one or more confirmed nominations, she will plan to conduct an election 
ballot, opening one week from today, 17 February 2006, Eastern US time, and 
closing on 24 February.   (If a longer ballot period is needed, the TC can 
choose to do so.  If you believe that would be wise, please say so on this 
list.  Otherwise we will use a seven day duration.)   In the meantime, 
before opening the ballot, we will review the TC records to confirm that 
the voting status of each member is properly reflected in the roster.

     If you have any questions about the TC chair role, please feel to 
contact Mary or me or any other member of the OASIS staff.

     As always, we deeply appreciate your contributions to our SOA and 
e-business work as well as your support for open standardization.

       Best regards  Jamie Clark

~   James Bryce Clark
~   Director, Standards Development, OASIS
~   jamie.clark@oasis-open.org

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