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Subject: Roster Cleanup

Hello everyone,
  My understanding is that meetings have been held on a regular (bi-weekly) basis; however the last set of minutes posted were from October. I have worked with Sally St. Armand to try to determine who should be considered a voting member - both for the upcoming chair election and moving forward with TC work projects.
  I suggest that everyone read the OASIS TC Process Policy - this is the document that guides the operation of our technical committees. Of immediate relevance is the attendance policy in relation to voting rights. In order to obtain voting rights an individual must attend two meetings in a row; they are then able to vote at the next meeting (as long as they attend). Similarly, if an individual misses two meetings in a row, they then lose their voting rights.
  Somewhat related are the rules relating to participation. Only members of the TC are allowed to participate in the work of the TC. OASIS members may join a TC as observers; in that role they may listen in on teleconferences and recieve all emails sent to the TC maillist, but they can not contribute either by voice or by email. There should be no individuals on a call who do not appear on the roster.
  The list below is from Sally's notes. If anyone is in disagreement please send an email to this list no later than close of business tomorrow (Thursday 16 Feb).
Attended 17 Jan 06:
St Amand
Attended 31 Jan 06:
St Amand
Note that the individuals identified with asterisks are NOT members of the ebSOA TC and are not allowed to participate in any way in the work of the TC. If they wish to monitor the work of the TC they should do that via the email archives and the TC public webpage. Valliappan, as an OASIS member, is free to join the TC if he wishes to participate in any way, including as an observer. Drecun is NOT an OASIS member and would need to join OASIS in order to then join the TC in any capacity.
That being said, it appears that there are five voting members:
George Brown
Hamid Ben Malek
Sally St Amand
David Webber
Goran Zugic
The current ebSOA TC roster can been seen at
I will modify the role of the following individuals to Member before launching the ballot unless I hear otherwise by close of business 16 Feb 06:
Michael Ruiz
Kathy Breininger
Ed Chase
Sally Fuger
Tim Matthews
Ron Schuldt
Puay Siew Tan
Steve Capell
Thank you all for your patience as we try to get the ebSOA TC back on solid footing.
Mary P McRae
Manager of TC Administration
email: mary.mcrae@oasis-open.org  
web: www.oasis-open.org
phone: 603.232.9090
cell: 603.557.7985

OASIS Symposium: The Meaning of Interoperability, 9-12 May, San Francisco http://www.oasis-open.org/events/symposium_2006/


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