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Subject: RE: [bcm] Re: [regrep] Who is minding the minders of Registry's???

That was my sense too.  Here's how this feel like to me 'We're working for NASA on the moon program.  Our first lander just touched down on the moon - and from out behind a crater comes a bunch of guys in a lander that DoD funded - just in case... but neglected to tell anyone about...". 
Kinda drives you nuts.
It would be good to know if the CORDRA work will integrate with ebXML registry - given the heavy overlapping going on?!
> Based on a quick read it seems that:
> 1. There is a high degree of overlap between ebXML Registry standard and
> 2. CORDRA is an independently developed technology based on DSPACE
> rather than a knock-off of ebXML Registry

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