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Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Background materials for consideration / industry positioning

I do not think that the overlapping is an issue here. ebSOA supports standard convergence and it is important to mention that both registry standards, ebXML Registry and UDDI, are referenced and used in ebSOA.
While services and their management are important aspects of the overall SOA solution, they are not enough to provide complete busines process support in SOA. They just cover one aspect of it. With FERA-based SOA as its framework, ebSOA is the first SOA (under development) standard that introduced SOA Information Model (SOA-IM) and SOA Collaboration Semantics (SOA-CS)  that together with services management provide a complete support for business process modeling, deployment and execution. 
ebSOA SOA-IM (based on FERA ontology) is fully defined in ebXML Registry and since the standard convergence is one of the OASIS goals, I hope that OASIS will help ebSOA TC to speed up collaboration with other TCs in the area of standard convergence. UDDI is an example. I hope that UDDI will support SOA-IM in near future.  SOA-IM with SOA-CS is a base for a business language that has an opportunity to position business processes modeling, deployment and execution on the level  that has not been seen before.
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Sent: Thursday, March 16, 2006 3:51 PM
Subject: [ebsoa] Background materials for consideration / industry positioning

I just uploaded to PDF files to the docs' area - just made them visible within OASIS TCs.
I found this webinar very useful in terms of detailing where the UDDI / WSDL herd is right now - and clearly there is a lot of overlap between the message here and the same message from ebSOA.
Gartner also provides some insights onto why registry services are so key in preventing SOA-havoc.
One key point that came out of the webinar - was the presenters answer to a Q&A about standards for SOA.
They were told 'there are none" and Gartner recommend none.
Clearly OASIS has some work to do in this area.
My own thoughts here are that it is prudent to position our work to be inclusive - not exclusive - of existing implementation solutions.  I'm not seeing to many issues from our perspective in that - but whether this attracts industry participation - or lipservice and business-as-usual - only time will tell!
Thanks, DW

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