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Subject: RE: [ebsoa] Groups - Work breakdown and schedule draft (ebSOA Task Breakdown and Draft Deliverables Schedule.doc) uploaded

Great clarification points.  I think we need to include something about the notion of the types of exchanges as well - the SOA/COP group just posted something on the three types of collaboration that is instructive here.
I think we should have some liaison across our two groups - even if its just at an ad hoc "emergent" level through mutual cross membership!?! ; -)
Thanks, DW
From:  "Cory Casanave" <cbc@enterprisecomponent.com>
Date:  Fri, Mar 31, 2006 8:04 am
To:  "'Service-Oriented Architecture CoP'" <soa-forum@colab.cim3.net>

Just as a point of interest, we could identify 3 kinds of community
* Directed (Implies a director)
* Contracted (Agreed behavior, does not imply a director - this is most of
* Emergent (Group behavior emerges from common traits or behavior of
individual - this is most of "nature")
Contracted behavior is a very human thing that we have now imparted to our
machines.  Our machines previously required directed behavior (the "workflow
manager" instead of SOA contracts).
Emergent behavior - such as can be seen in an ant colony, is very
interesting and what some of the agent community has explored.  However
emergent behavior does imply some shared environment or (probably
contracted) method of exchanging information - perhaps more as event
notifications.  But in the emergent case there is much less agreement but
there is some level of common behavior.  Emergent behavior probably comes
from some kind of evolution.
SOA can support all 3 kinds of behavior, but the very common case of
creating and meeting obligations (from commerce to fire a missile) is
generally contracted behavior.

-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Re: [ebsoa] Groups - Work breakdown and schedule draft (ebSOA
Task Breakdown and Draft   Deliverables Schedule.doc) uploaded
From: radha.arur@polaris.co.in
Date: Fri, March 31, 2006 2:09 am
To: david@drrw.info


Resending the mail, as one sentence in line 5 was sent incomplete.


There seem to be replication of capabilities and characteristics between

a.    Internal collaboration oriented processes and enterprise information
integration processes.

Also may help in specifying

a.    What is the difference between interface and integration (Atleast
from the SOA perspective. Especially because the ebsoa spec defines areas
of interface - gateway specification which includes multiple interface
mechanisms like web service intermediation, MQ, Direct communication,
broker-feed mode, etc )?

b.    How the internal collaboration oriented processes defined by EBSOA
are going to co- exist with the existing message driven solutions that
exists in the market or what are the reasons one should look at them?

The vision/ any other relevant document may choose to define it.

P.S-> Parallel work done on ebpp and the proposed work on semantic web (In
relevance to collaboration profile work specified by Goren) also may be
looked at.



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