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Subject: Conference Call Tomorrow

Hi all
We have a conference call scheduled for
Tuesday, July 18, 2006
3:00pm ET; 12:00 PM US Arizona Time  
Where: 1-888-875-9370, (Outside the US use 916-356-2663) 
Bridge: 1, Passcode: 5271235
We should talk about moving the specifications forward. Attached is a schedule Goran prepared, and David posted a work schedule
At the last meeting I proposed we focus the specifications around relevant use cases. That is mentioned in the meeting minutes which I realized I had not yet posted. They have been posted today.
The draft Vision Statement was forwarded to Jamie, Carol & Mary; there has not been a response to date.
We should agree on a plan and the immediate action steps. Talk to you tomorrow.
Sally St.Amand & George Brown

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