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Subject: REMINDER: Conference Call Invitation for 03/06/2007 10:30 AM]

Just a quick reminder for everyone for today.
Thanks, DW
1-620-782-8800 (Kansas)
Participant Access Code:
Thanks, DW

-------- Original Message --------

You Are Invited

Conference Details
Please RSVP
ebSOA conference call - Tuesday - 10:30 EST - March 6th

Re-schedule of discussion of IPR transition selection.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Start Time:
10:30 AM Eastern Std Time
End Time:
10:55 AM Eastern Std Time
Dial-in Number:
1-620-782-8800 (Kansas)
Participant Access Code:
Organizer Access Code:
Note:  The Organizer Access Code is only necessary for use of enhanced conference controls.  Otherwise, you can just use the Participant Access Code.
Please Select a Way to RSVP
via the Web: via the Web:
via e-mail: Accept or Decline (you can include a personal message for the conference Organizer in the body of your email)
Conference Touch-Tone Quick Reference
Touch-tone Controls
5, 7, 9 and # are available only to the conference Organizer

† Conference Muting Modes: Conversation Mode, Q&A Mode, Presentation Mode

‡ Chimes settings: Entry on/Exit on, Entry on/Exit off, Entry off/Exit on, Entry off/Exit off

For your convenience, we have attached a calendar entry containing your conference details.  Depending on which operating system and calendar program you use, you can drag and drop, double-click or download the attached file into your calendar.

See you there!


CalendarItem 7707739192863.vcs

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