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ebxml-bp-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: zhuxia2002@hotmail.com

Hello OASIS ebXML Business Process TC, 
I’m afraid there are something difficult for us to understand when we read your ebXML Business Process Specification Schema. 
The First, the Example is in the Chapter
The Second, the element name is in the part l. Chapter 7.1.
The related paragraphs are as following :
5.4   How to design collaborations and transactions, re-using at design time

5.4.2   Specify a binary collaboration  Key Semantics of a Binary Collaboration

When performing a Binary Collaboration within a Binary Collaboration there is an implicit relationship between the roles at the two levels. Assume that Binary Collaboration X is performing Binary Collaboration Y through Collaboration Activity Q. Binary Collaboration X has Authorized roles Customer and Vendor. In Collaboration Activity Q we assign Customer to be the initiator, and Vendor to be the responder. Binary Collaboration X has Authorized roles Buyer and Seller and a Business Transaction Activity where Buyer is the initiator and Seller the responder. We have now established a role relationship between the roles Customer and Buyer because they are both initiators in activities in the related performing and performed Binary Collaborations.  

7.  ebXML Business Process Specification Schema – (DTD)

7.1  Documentation for the DTD

l.)	DTD Declaration:
<!ELEMENT BusinessDocument  (Documentation*) >
/* the elementname here may be changed into DocumentSubstitution*/
<!ATTLIST DocumentSubstitution
originalBusinessDocument CDATA #IMPLIED
originalBusinessDocumentID IDREF #IMPLIED
substituteBusinessDocument CDATA #IMPLIED
substituteBusinessDocumentId IDREF #IMPLIED

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