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Subject: The 2nd china (beijing) International Heat Preservation Materials Expo.

The 2nd china (beijing) International Heat Preservation Materials Expo.    

¡÷The 1st Insulation Exhibition was held in Shanghai Mart until November due to the influence of SARS, 130 companies and factories from home and abroad have participated in this exhibition with an exhibition area of nearly 5000m2£¬including domestic and overseas famous companies and factories such as Owens Corning, BNBM Group, Techint Industries, Aeroflex, Shandong Luyang, Sino Composite, Shanghai Jwell etc.£»
¡÷	Domestic and overseas famous enterprises of the industry have held several technical seminars£»
¡÷The transaction volume in the exhibition has reached RMB54,750,000£¬42% exhibitors have signed agency/distribution agreements, 57 exhibitors have booked space for the exhibition in the year 2004, 82% exhibitors are satisfied with the number of visitors, 86% exhibitors are satisfied with the quality of visitors, 96% exhibitors are satisfied with the service of the sponsors£»
¡÷	All exhibitors agree that this exhibition is one of the annual occasions that can¡¯t be missed for heat preservation industry.

Approved by: The Ministry Of Science And Technology Of The People¡äS Republic Of China
Sponsored by£º
China Heat & sound Insulation Materials Association
Beijing International Business Consultant & Service Centre
China National Water Resources And Electric Power Materials And Equipment Tianjin Corporation
Co-organizers£ºChina Building Materials Circulation Association
China Construction Materials Communication Association
Insulation Material and Energy-saving Technology 
Hezhong Business Information
Overseas agent: HongKong Gaowei Exhibition Promotion Co., Ltd
Undertaker£ºShanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Build-up£ºJun. 20-21, 2004 
Show days£ºJun.22-24, 2004

National Agricultural Exhibition Centre (16 Dongsanhuan North Road)

Source of visitors£º
?	300,000 tickets will be printed and distributed by organizers to visiting delegations of various local and military management organizations and scientific institutions; industry dealers, commercial agents, investment agencies£»large-size investment advising and trading delegations from Hongkong, Macau, Singapore, Europe and America etc. will also be organized through overseas supporters to visit the exhibition.
?	Professionals in refrigeration, heating and ventilation industries from various provinces and cities, various large manufacturers of air-conditioners and refrigerators, as well as professionals from construction departments, construction committees, management departments of building material, real estate developers, large and medium size construction and engineering companies, civil engineering and building construction companies, design institutes and industry associations and societies etc. from various provinces and cities.
?	Wide publication and heavy promotion are planned to be made on various major domestic and overseas media, several mainstream media such as China Building Materials News, Beijing Daily, Jiefang Daily and New Building Materials etc. will fully support this exhibition and make full-course coverage from various angles and with a deep level.

Exhibition details£º
?	Fabric thermal insulating materials, such as rock (mineral) wool, glass wool, alumino-silicate fibre, and their products; hard thermal insulating materials, such as expanded perlite, expanded vermiculite, calcium silicate, foamglass, and their products; organic thermal insulating materials, such as polyurethane, polystyrene, phenolic aldehyde, polyethylene(PE),polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride(PVC), and their products; plastic and rubber foaming material and their products, compound silicate paint, heat preservation paint, anti-corrosion paint, nanometer paint etc.; asbestos products and foam asbestos, ground buried pipe, external thermal insulating material such as aluminium foil; thermal insulating plates, such as light composite (EPS, core) board, color steel plate, and other auxiliary materials for heat insulating.
?	Thermal insulating system of interior and exterior walls, roof thermal insulating system.
?	Production equipments of industry or wall thermal insulating, heat preservation and heating equipments, inspection instruments etc..
?	Related technical and research achievements of thermal insulating industry, management software, books, etc.

Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd Beijing Liaison Office
Room 300, Blue Diamond Tower,No.1 Shenggu Zhonglu, Anwai, Dongcheng District, Beijing
Tel£º0086-10-6444 3899  
Fax£º0086-10-6443 3600
Shanghai Zhanye Exhibition Co., Ltd 
Add:1A-1,No.99 Sound Hongchao Road, Shanghai China    
Tel£º0086-21-5450 0848  

China Heat & sound Insulation Materials Association
ADD:11#San Li He Road Beijing China
Tel£º0086-10-8836 4763   8837 6482  
Fax£º0086-10-8836 4763
Contactor£ºHu Xiao Yuan General Secretary

The Association of China Refractory Industry
Tel£º010-63153492 ¡¡¡¡63152567
Contactor£ºTao Ruo Zhang General Secretary

China polyurethane Industry Association
Contactor£ºLi Guo Hui

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