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Dear Friend

I am writing to you in strict Confidence and I know
that my letter will come to you as a great
Surprise,owing to the fact that we have never met
I am Barrister Williams Cookey the immediate personal Lawyer to late
Mr Douglas Schulte,a citizen of the United States of
America,who lived and worked here in Nigeria until his
untimely death via an E.A.S Bac 1-11-500 airliner that
crashed on May 4th 2002,in Kano State, north of
Nigeria, killing all 149 passengers on board 

SEE: [http://www.usafricaonline.com/ngrplane.crash]for
full details about the crash.
Before his death, he was a Director (Special
LTD.Recently,during one of my routine checks of his
official documents of which I had access,I discovered
that my former client in 1999 deposited a whooping sum
of $10,000.000.00 (Ten million, united state dollars) without a "WILL"in one of the Finance
Company here in Nigeria of which I have the Deposit
Certificate in my possession.
According to the Nigerian law of Inheritance, it
stipulates that at the expiration of 5(five)years
after establishment of facts about the death of a
person, the law accordingly stipulates that an
official representative is entitled to the wealth of
the deceased on the condition of being the Next of Kin

It also states that if at the end of such period there
was no such person to represent or claim such money or
if nobody applies to claim ownership of the such as
well, the money will thereby revert to the Government.
It is on the above subject that I swung into action to
avert this negative trend since I know of such law,
and in order not to allow such sad development to
occur.I have as a result of this made some positive
efforts to locate any of his relatives that could
still be alive to date, for the purpose of turning
over to such person the Deposits and investments that
he left behind, but none has been fruitful so far.
As a result of this and upon my conviction that his
family tree might have gone extinct and going by the
report I obtained from his immigration data available
with both the Finance Company where he deposited his
money and the Company where he worked,he had no
relative known nor had any wife or children that is
registered with his country's embassy here.
In the light of the foregoing, and after doubt that he
may not have any relatives left,I now see it as a
challenge and moral question of whether to allow the
Finance Company where he Deposited his money to
appropriate it to themselves,because of the belief
that he has no surviving relatives,or any one to
demand for and collect this money from the Finance

In order to avert this negative development,I now seek
your assistance to stand as Next of Kin  so that the fund will be released and
paid in your favor as the Beneficiary/Next of Kin
according to the law. 
This will indeed enable us collect this fund deposited in a Finance Company
here in Lagos, Nigeria for our mutual benefit,I
therefore, assure you of a risk free business deal.
All the necessary documents and papers for validating
and authenticating the legality to get this fund paid
in your favor will be carefully worked out in the
course of transfeering this money in your favor. 
I have earlier put this Notice to the Finance Company
where this money is deposited that soon my clients
Next of Kin will come to claim the money.In
response,they agreed,but asked me to do so very
quickly,or have the account frozen and the fund
forfeited because of the maturity date. 
I,therefore, solicit for your interest to enable
us,along side your full support and
assistance,transfer this funds into your nominated
choice account. 

Kindly send me your telephone and fax numbers for
further details about this transaction.I sincerly look
forward to receiving your urgent reply to this offer.

Best Regards, 
PLS. REPLY HERE  williams_cookey3@sirindia.com

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