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Subject: Attn: CAN WE SEE?


This letter might come to you as surprise as we have not formally met but by all intent I have to write you. My name is Rifartz Bridiane.I am from Mauritius.
My main aim of writing you is that my father was into crude oil business before he died on the 20th of January 2003 of heart failure caused by prolonged arthritis disease. Prior to his death he made a lot of money from the oil business and for fear of the unknown he deposited the sum of Sixteen Million United State Dollars ($16,000,000) in a trunk box with a security company in my name as family treasures.
After my father's burial ceremonies, my Uncle has confiscated other properties my father left behind and did not care about my welfare, which has made life unbearable for me. To this end I decided to look for an honest individual who can help me receive this money abroad, as my Uncle is not aware of the deposit.
If you would be able to assist me on mutual trust to receive this money on my behalf, I will send the back up documents issued to my father from the security company that will help you to receive and claim this money from the security company. Afterwards, you will help me to invest the money in any lucrative business under your kind supervision.
I come to you for this help and request you avail me the opportunity to actualize this aim. On your acceptance to assist me, we can discuss your compensation/commission for your assistance. I will be moving over to meet with you as soon as this transaction is concluded.
Accept the assurance of my highest regard as I look forward to hearing from you.

With kind Regards,

Dr. Rifartz Bridiane

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