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Subject: Search engine traffic

Title: Expert Search Engine Optimization for Google and Yahoo

Thirty-three percent of users think that if a company has a top ranking on a search engine, it is a leader in its field.

Are you a leader? You can be, and we want to help. We have a CD duplication site with over 1391 number 1 positions and over 6232 top 10 positions.

We have a book resource site with more than 1000 number 1 positions and over 5225 top 10 positions. (44,000 search engine visitors in a few short months)

We even have a very niche pen site that has over 86 number 1 positions and over 556 top 10 positions.

We want to partner with you to help insure the success of your business. When you open an account today, your first 10,000 targeted search engine visits on the keyword terms that you've approved will be just 10c each. Your 149-dollar keyword analysis is also free as well as a free 30-minute Internet marketing consultation.

Complete this form to find out more.

Email Address
Phone (Area Code + Number)
USA East USA Central USA West Canada United Kingdom Other
Web Site Address
Please call me in the
Morning Afternoon Evening

Due to the highly effective techniques we use, we can only take a limited number of accounts per targeted industry. Offer only valid for new customers. Please act now to receive 10,000 targeted search engine visitors from major search engines at just 10c each as well as the free keyword analysis and the free 30-minute consultation.

I hope that you will let us help you make 2004 your best year yet. Feel free to contact us at support@seo-specials.com if you need us to make any changes to your email preferences.

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