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Subject: Re: Public Comment

>abela: I am in the process of analysing the ebXML standard/s for implementing an e-Commerce application. I have a question regarding the ebXML BPSS spec. in relation to the BPEL/BPEL4WS spec., are these competing standards?
>If yes, what is the position of OASIS since I believe there is a TC on this initiative.
mm1: These two specifications are not competing and operate on different 
layers of process abstract (and are geared to different audiences and 
outcomes).  BPEL is a single party view, process language (technically 
focused and pi-calculus based) while BPSS is focused on peer-to-peer 
business collaboration. We recently compiled a non-normative committee 
working paper describing the differences (for our own understanding). 
Note, there is a difference in functionality based on business or 
technical requirements, not marketing.  If you listen to the marketing 
you may have a different idea as to any perceived overlap.


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