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Title: Alconox Cleaners

Critical  Information  About  Buying
Critical Cleaners from Alconox, Inc.

Alconox® Liquinox™ Tergazyme™ Alcojet® Alcotabs® Solujet®
Tergajet® Detojet™ Detergent8® Citranox® Citrajet® Luminox®
We Have Not Discontinued or Stopped
Manufacturing Any Alconox Cleaner
Our products are NOT DISCONTINUED. We have heard that some Alconox customers may believe that Alconox brand cleaners are no longer available. This is not true. Our products (see list above) are all readily available through a nationwide roster of laboratory supply dealers (see dealers www.alconox.com/section_top/loc_dealer.asp). Dealers such as VWR, Thomas, Spectrum, Cole-Palmer and Cardinal have increased stock and are ready to ship.
To guarantee that you get the Alconox products you wish to receive, make sure you specify "NO SUBSTITUTIONS" on your orders. Substitutes may be new brands with no track record. These new brands will not have been specified in government procedures, lab accreditation guidelines, or literature references, to say nothing of your internal validations, qualifications or ISO procedures. Even though new knock-off substitutes may be offered, you should carefully evaluate if these will work as well as, and offer the consistent value of, Alconox cleaners.
If you have ordered an Alconox product and it has been replaced by another brand or private label item that you did not order, please let us know immediately. We will be glad to make arrangements for you to get the Alconox product that you expected to receive. Unfortunately, we have had several reports of this happening to our valued customers and we will do our part to ensure that you get the products you ordered. For more information see www.alconox.com.
Not Discontinued By Fisher—Just New Catalog Numbers!
Fisher has discontinued the old Fisher catalog numbers for Alconox cleaners and replaced them with new numbers.
Product Mfr # Old Fisher # New Fisher #
ALCONOX® 9 X 4 lb. box 1104 04-322-4 50-821-294
ALCONOX® 25 lb. box 1125 04-322-5B 50-821-296
ALCOJET® 9 X 4 lb. box 1404 04-322-AA 50-821-304
CITRANOX® 4 X 1 Gallon 1801 04-322-12A 50-821-312
DETERGENT 8® 4 X 1 Gallon 1701 04-322-16A 50-821-311
LIQUINOX™ 4 X 1 Gallon 1201 04-322-15B 50-821-298
LIQUINOX™ 12 X 1 Quart 1232 04-322-15A 50-821-299
TERGAZYME™ 9 X 4 lb. box 1304 04-322-11A 50-821-300
To see the entire new list of numbers needed to order from Fisher, click http://www.alconox.com/popups/popups_dealer/dealer02.html. Note that Fisher may require that the items ordered are shipped from the manufacturer rather than from stock.
Why Lab Research and Purchasing Professionals Specify Alconox Cleaners
Alconox detergent brands have been the preferred scientific cleaner in the laboratory for more than 60 years due to their consistent formulation for reproducible, residue-free results. They are referenced in the scientific literature for laboratory research applications far more than any other brand—by a wide margin.
The Preferred Laboratory Cleaner
(References in the Scientific Literature)
Alconox cleaners are expressly formulated to leave no potentially research-corrupting interfering residues and are biodegradable and contain no ozone-depleting compounds or hazardous chemicals. They also cost less since they are concentrated to save money.
     Simply put, Alconox cleaners save time and money while preserving the integrity of laboratory research.
There's No Substitute for Sound Research. Make Sure You're Getting an Alconox Brand Cleaner by Writing "NO SUBSTITUTIONS" on All Your Purchase Orders.

Alconox 30 Glenn St, White Plains, NY 10603 PH 914-948-4040 FX 914-948-4088 cleaning@alconox.com

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