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ebxml-bp-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: stephen_green@bristol-city.gov.uk

Name: Stephen Green
Title: None
Organization: Individual OASIS member
Regarding Specification: 2.0.1 Spec and UBL BPSS Example

1. BPSS UBL Example (Appendix A):

The example using UBL 1.0 documents is good
to exemplify various ways to specify trading
processes using a document standard such as
UBL 1.0, especially where the whole set of 
documents are likely to be used exclusively.
It would be good to have this document available
as an XML instance file. This would be important
for testing it's syntax. In particular where
there are <Performs performsRoleRef=".../>, etc,
I think the ..Ref attributes should refer to
'nameID' content whereas they actually refer to
the 'name' content (a very minor point I know).
(Many examples, such as compare line 3510 with
line 3499)
I'm not sure the use of the UBL Codes in the
example are appropriate (e.g. use of 'true/false'
values aren't going to apply to a UBL Document-
StatusCode) but as long as this is just seen
as a fictional example it is probably OK I think.

2. Spec for 2.0.1 in General:

A general comment is that getting all the 
ID/IDREF pairs to match can be a bit of a 
nightmare so it's a pity the instance design
depends so much on this. Still, it works!

The datatype for the nameID's prevents
the use of a urn here (colons not allowed it 
seems) so that forces one to put urns in 'name' 
attributes (except in the case of the 'uuid' 
attribute). That's a bit awkward 
for /Specification but arguably correct I 
suppose (a urn is a name after all).

The hardest document to find on the ebBP 
Documents page seems to be the actual schema
(the html documentation files are uploaded with
a name that makes you expect to find the schema
itself there). I think it be good to upload the 
2.0.1 schemas ebbp-2.0.1.xsd and ebbp-signals-2.0.1.xsd to be publicly accessible on the ebBP
documents page of the website.

The addition of 'pattern' types such as
'Notification' is a welcome improvement in that
it caters for messages which do not usually
require actual business documents as responses 
(such as an Invoice).

Many thanks

Stephen Green

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