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Subject: Updated schedule for OASIS mail list system upgrade

We Recently announced the migration to a new List Mail system for this list. We've modified the implementation process to allow the legacy system to continue running a bit longer and to have a shorter downtime during transition.

The system cut-over is now scheduled for the first week of JanuaryÂ

Miss the original announcement? Here it is...

The legacy list engine in use since 2003 will be replaced in this upgrade. You are receiving this message because you are a subscriber to the list receiving this message.

This transition will provide significant improvements and will change how you interact with your mail lists. See below for more information about the changes, the transition schedule and what you can do to help.

Changes to Expect

The new platform is built in a modern web environment and mail delivery mechanism. with a number of new features to improve both your platform user experience and ability to engage with the OASIS community. Key features include:

  • Mail systems that you can depend on! The new tools support and comply with major deliverability and anti-spoofing standards. This will eliminate many of the sending and deliverability issues your group may be experiencing

  • Modern web interface and design for your committee internal work and public presentation of your work

  • If you are on this public list in addition to Technical Committees, Open Projects, and other community engagement mail lists you can manage this experience in one cohesive packageÂÂ

  • All archives created in the legacy email system will be migrated and available cohesively with your new work in the new platform. All URL links for assets in the old platform will redirect to the new location

  • After the cutover starts, you will be directed where to send future messages for this list and where to find the archives. Any message sent to a legacy list address after the cutover begins will receive an auto reply with the new list address and archive location.

  • After the migration you can continue using the mail list as before. If you wish to join additional public lists or modify your delivery to the new digest delivery, you will be required to create or login to an existing OASIS public community or member account to manage your subscriptions. This account system will be used to confirm your email address once (as opposed to each subscription) and will be the same account you may be using now for OASIS membership, submitting e-CLA forms etc. Legacy-style subscribe and unsubscribe email messages to the server will not be respected in the new system.

The Transition Schedule

During the cut-over the first week of January, There will be some system downtime during the cutover. During the downtime you will not receive email messages sent to this list or have access to the archive.ÂÂAll messages sent after the cut-over begins will receive an auto reply announcing the new list address and archive location.

We will announce the timing specific as we get closer to the transition.

What You Should Do Now

If you no longer wish to subscribe to this list, send a message to [listname]-unsubscribe@lists.oasis-open.org

Otherwise, watch for further messages in the coming days to include the new list mailing address and archive location.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, and thanks for your patience with the inevitable short-term inconvenience implementing these improvements will bring.



Chief Operating Officer



+1 781-929-7308 Mobile

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