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Subject: WI ??: BP and CPPA's use of name attribute

Title: Message

The CPP and CPA have several elements and attributes whose information can be correlated with BP information items.

Here is at least a reasonably comprehensive list that I hope is complete. Asterisk shows where a BPSS @name attribute value is matched.

CPPA                                                                                                               BPSS
=======                                                                                                        =====

* /CPP/CollaborationRole/ProcessSpecification/@name                                         /ProcessSpecification/@name

/CPP/CollaborationRole/ProcessSpecification/@uuid                                             /ProcessSpecification/@uuid

/CPP/CollaborationRole/ServiceBinding/Service                                                      /ProcessSpecification/@uuid

[This was the alignment made of CPPA 2.0 and BPSS 1.01. It is subject to renegotiation.]

* /CPP/CollaborationRole/Role/@name                                                                        Selected from //Role/@name

[The specific xpath to the Role in the BPSS is indicated by a href,
which uses a fragment identifier to reference the Role element by its id.]

1/2 * /CPP/CollaborationRole/ServiceBinding/Can[Send|Receive]
/ThisPartyActionBinding/@action                                                                            Can take value from BPSS (see note) 
or can use an agreed upon value.

[CPPA spec notes: When business transactions are not reused in different contexts, it is recommended that the names of the requesting business activity and responding business activity be used as action names.]

/ThisPartyActionBinding/ActionContext                                                                 No specific reference to an information item (container element).

*  /CPP/CollaborationRole/ServiceBinding/Can[Send|Receive]/
ThisPartyActionBinding/ActionContext/@binaryCollaboration                        Corresponds with value of BinaryCollaboration@name                                                                             

[In 2.0, this will need to be generalized to reference BinaryCollaboartion,
MultipartyCollaboration or BusinessCollaboration.]

* /CPP/CollaborationRole/ServiceBinding/Can[Send|Receive]/
CollaborationActivity/[CollaborationActivity...]/@name                                       Matches the value of BPSS //CollaborationActivity@name.  

[These Collaboration activity children are used to select nested BCs.]

* /CPP/CollaborationRole/ServiceBinding/Can[Send|Receive]
/ThisPartyActionBinding/ActionContext/@businessTransactionActivity       Matches the value of BPSS //BusinessTransactionActivity/@name

/ThisPartyActionBinding/ActionContext/@requestOrResponseAction           Fixed enumeration.

[Aligned with whether the action is a requesting or responding activity,
but nothing is referenced in the BPSS instance directly.]

Also, .in the CPPA, .the BusinessTransactionCharacteristics element has the following attributes:


·                    an IMPLIED isNonRepudiationRequired attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isNonRepudiationReceiptRequired attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isConfidential attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isAuthenticated attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isAuthorizationRequired attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isTamperProof attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED isIntelligibleCheckRequired attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED timeToAcknowledgeReceipt attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED timeToAcknowledgeAcceptance attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED timeToPerform attribute,

·                    an IMPLIED retryCount attribute.


These attributes allow parameters specified at the Process-Specification level to be overridden. If one of these attributes is not specified, the corresponding default value should be obtained from the Process-Specification document

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