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Subject: ebBP 4/14/2005: Opening of ebXML BPSS (ebBP) v2.0 Committee Draft Vote

Today, please note that the ebXML BPSS (ebBP) v2.0 Committee Draft 
candidate vote begins. The packages have been uploaded to the Kavi 
Documents folder for ebBP:

    * Vote begins: 5 p.m. PDT 14 April 2005
    * Vote ends: 5 p.m. PDT 21 April 2005
    * Reminder: 9 a.m. PDT 20 April 2005

Please note the approval vote requirements specified at the end of this 
email. If anyone has any questions, please contact Dale Moberg 
(dmoberg@cyclonecommerce.com) or myself (monica.martin@sun.com).  The 
packages include:

    * core: Technical specification (in .doc and .htm) and the ebBP schema
    * signal: ebBP Business Signal schema
    * artifact: ebBP schema documentation
    * supplements: BT patterns matrices, starting samples for XSL
      transform, and comments list from Pre-Committee Draft review period

As stated in the vote description:
1. That the OASIS ebXML Business Process TC approves the ebXML Business 
Process Specification Schema (ebXML BPSS, ebBP) v2.0 Working Draft 
(Committee Draft Candidate) as an OASIS Committee Draft. The working 
draft is located at:

Technical Specification and Schemas

Other Reference Documents (reference and separate from the vote)

2. That upon approval by the TC, the ebXML Business Process TC chairs 
and secretaries are authorized to make such editorial and formatting 
changes to the working draft as may be required for publication as an 
OASIS Committee Draft, for example, changing "wd-" to "cd-" and updating 
the document URI to point to a permanent location on the OASIS web site.

The TC process in place at the initiation of this Committee Draft vote: 
The IPR Policy in place at the initiation of this Committee Draft vote: 

Reference TC process: Section 3. Standards Approval Process

(a). Approval of a Committee Draft

Upon completion of a specification the TC may approve the work as a 
Committee Draft. The approval of a Committee Draft shall require at 
least 2/3 of the total membership of a TC voting to approve and no more 
than 1/4 voting to disapprove.

OASIS TC Administration must be notified at the completion of any ballot 
to approve a Committee Draft, regardless of the outcome of the ballot.
The name of a Committee Draft may not include any trademarks or service 
marks not owned by OASIS. The Committee Draft must use the 
OASIS-approved document templates and naming, and must include the OASIS 

On 5 April 2005, a Quorate TC vote was approved to initiate Committee 
Draft vote for a period of 7 calendar days.

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