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Subject: Re: [ebxml-bp] ebBP 4/13/2006: MEMBER ALERT - v2.0.3 Question

Sorry Monica

One more typo in mapping table appendix B
should be  	ThisPartyActionBinding/@action

Personally I don't think these would require a revote though

All the best


On 13/04/06, Monica J Martin <Monica.Martin@sun.com> wrote:
> Everyone,
> In making the editorial changes required by OASIS, Stephen Green, Dale
> Moberg and I discovered editorial errors in Appendix B for the ebBP-CPPA
> mapping table. We can handle this in several ways (Dale has suggested
> the former):
>    1. Accept the editorial changes for Appendix B and retain v2.0.3
>       Committee Draft.
>    2. Handle in an errata to the v2.0.3. [1]
>    3. Have another Committee Draft vote and progress to v2.0.4 [2]
> I have enclosed the updated table and a 'diff' document of the Appendix
> C, Table 1 (page 1 and 2) changes. I would very much appreciate feedback
> so we can handle this promptly.   Note: The Appendices are part of a
> normative package (Spec, tech spec and Appendices) with the following
> caveat: No normative text exists in the Appendices except in Appendix A.
> Please advise.
> [1] This may cause a bit of confusion as we go to OASIS Standard
> although the CPPA v2.1 draft may be changing to accommodate ebMS v3.0
> changes.
> [2] Last resort

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