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Subject: Re: [ubl] UBL 1.0 SBS 1.0

Many thanks on behalf of the Small Business Subcommittee
to all who helped with getting the SBS to committee spec status:
particularly to Jon and Tim for help with editing and admin, to
Ken and Sacha for a lot of help with artefact generation and to
Monica and the ebBP TC for accepting change requests and liaison
and generally encouraging and advising on the ebXML side and to
all who voted and to those outside of the TCs who advised and to
OASIS staff for quick and helpful responses to requests and
questions and to all others not mentioned here but included in the
SBS list of contributors for special help. Help from 'Above' seemed
particularly apparent at times too so Thanks for that. Now I really
sound like someone giving an awards speech :-) Seeing the SBS
there under docs.oasis-open.org is quite an award :-) Thanks.

All the best

Stephen Green
co-chair UBL Small Business Subcommittee

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