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Subject: PI Calculus Article and Interview with Ross-Talbot / selection of podcasts...

The March issue of ACM Queue is now available for download at:
Enjoy, DW
p.s. Also selection of podcast interviews - http://www.acmqueue.com/modules.php?name=Queuecasts

Business Process Minded
0:19:23   17.7 MB
A new paradigm created to empower business system analysts by giving them access to meta-data that they can directly control to drive business process management is about to sweep the enterprise application arena. In an interview with ACM Queuecast host Michael Vizard, Oracle vice president of product development Edwin Khodabakchian explains how the standardization of service-oriented architectures (SOAs) and the evolution of the business process execution language (BPEL) are coming together to finally create flexible software architectures that can adapt to the business rather than making the business adapt to the software.

Large Scale Systems: Best Practices
0:24:27   22.3 MB
Time again companies moving to build large scale systems and networks stumble over the same problems. In an interview with ACM Queuecast host Michael Vizard, Jarod Jenson, the brains behind the Enron Online trading site, talks about the best practices he emphasizes now that he is the chief architect for Aeysis, a consulting firm that specializes on advising clients on how to build manageable high performance systems.

Automatic for the People
0:21:30   19.6 MB
Probably the single biggest challenge with large scale systems and networks is not building them but rather managing them on an ongoing basis. Fortunately, new classes of systems and network management tools that have the potential to save on labor costs because they automate much of the management process are starting to appear. In an interview with Mike Vizard, Rob Gingell, formerly chief engineer at Sun Microsystems and now the CTO of Cassatt, explains how these new IT automation tools are being created and what impact they are likely to have on day-to-day IT operations.

Discipline and Focus
0:22:40   20.7 MB
When it comes to managing and deploying large scale systems and networks, discipline and focus matter more than specific technologies. In a conversation with ACM Queuecast host Mike Vizard, Amazon CTO Werner Vogels says the key to success is to have a relentless commitment to a modular computer architecture that makes it possible for the people who build the applications to also be responsible for running and deploying those systems within a common IT framework.

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