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Subject: ebBP 5/9/2006: Errata for Code Example for ebBP v2.0.3

Today, I've discussed the code example with OASIS of which Dale Moberg 
inquired so we understand the most expedient and reasonable course to 
proceed to OASIS Standard.  Here is a summary and a proposed resolution. 
I ask that ALL voting members respond to Dale and I to this email.  I 
have already spoken with Sally St. Amand and David Webber and they 
concur with this resolution.  I spoke with Jamie Clark and Mary McRae at 
OASIS today.

   1. v2.0.3 Committee Specification:
          * Character changes: Any characters changed by the application
            (such as the quotes you found Dale) can be corrected in the
            specification.  This is a tools issue and has been seen in
            other TCs, per OASIS.
   2. v2.0.3 Committe Specification: Update id or idrefs and the change
      for xInclude. 
          * Create a read-me where these changes are outlined and
            include in the v2.0.3 Spec .zip package.
          * Post the errata changes to our public web site.
          * When we achieve OASIS Standard have OASIS also provide a
            reference URI to this errata.
                o Note: We are unable to make changes to the
                  specification other that 1. above and the changes
                  relative to Committee Specification to proceed.
   3. v2.0.3 Notification to user communities:
          * Notify user communities of our CS achievement and reference
            the errata after 1. and 2. above are complete.
   4. OASIS Standard: Continue to work to proceed to OASIS Standard.
      Note we now have implementations from Cyclone Commerce and Crimson
      Logic.  We are working on others. Items 1. and 2. must be complete
      to proceed here.

As indicated I need specific feedback from all voting members. We will 
have an explicit vote next Tuesday.  I can now proceed with the 
documents with the information I gained today from OASIS. Thanks.


   1. Moberg email re: code example:
   2. TC process: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/process.php

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