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Subject: [ebxml-bp] FW: Confirming file installation plan for ebBP 2.0.3

As we discussed at our last meeting, this is the update Dale Moberg and 
I received from Robin Cover about the URI and the directory/namespace 
changes in the last two weeks. Here are a few details:

   1. We are using a redirect. The two namespace URIs now resolve
      [albeit indirectly] to the two XML schemas in their new locations.
   2. The actual paths have changed but, unless any TC participant has a
      different take, we don't have substantive changes to the document
      because of it.
   3. The next priority is under consideration by OASIS support and
      administration, regarding:

>> Looks OK.
>> My priority on the wish list would be to serve up the schemas directly
>> and avoid the redirect mechanism eventually. The directory listing is
>> not that important for the reasons Robin provided.
>> Dale
Status:  The "priority on the wish list" mentioned by Dale above is also Robin's highest priority, and he is trying to escalate this issue through IT and OASIS management layers.


A new directory was created 2.0.3/ and the packages and two schemas moved there, and a change made to the two NS URI redirects from their current targets (A) to the resources at the new URIs (B).



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