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Subject: ebBP 3/27/2007: Draft Abstract for ebBP Upcoming Webinar

OASIS is helping us plan several webinars for key framework 
specifications for ebXML including ebBP. I've drafted a short abstract. 
I think it would be very helpful to have some interested community 
experts or stakeholders speak briefly about the value of and the 
benefits from our area of interest. Your thoughts would be greatly 


Abstract: OASIS ebXML Business Process v2.0.4 Standard: Overview, role 
in eBusiness, and community interest and adoption

Discover the advantages of the ebXML Business Process Specification 
Schema (aka ebBP) v2.0.4 Standard from the OASIS Technical Committee and 
interested community parties. The ebBP TC invites you to attend an open 
webinar to learn more about ebBP and the importance of eBusiness 
collaboration using this standard business process definition in key 
marketplaces such as health care, financial services and eGovernment. 
Also meet community members or leaders on the edge who support this 

 ebBP is a standard business process definition for business systems 
configured to support the execution of business collaborations between 
partners or collaborating parties. It was borne from vertical domains 
such as RosettaNet, EAN-UCC or GS1 and UN/CEFACT (UMM). It is targeted 
for the design and use of business processes particularly for:

    * Process visualization and documentation
    * Monitoring of business activities
    * Linking business constraints to technical execution
    * Gateway configuration for technical contract (such as CPP/A)

 Key messages:

ebBP is:

    *  Focused on business needs and serve to key community domains to
      deliver on promise of interoperable business processes
    *  Unique with its focus on the business process quality of service
      contract between collaborating parties or business partners 

Listen to experts and stakeholders talk about the value of and the 
benefit from ebBP.


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