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Subject: [ebxml-cppa-btp] Agenda for May 10,2002 8 AM Pacific Daylight or 11 AM Eastern Daylight Teleconference (VotingMeeting)

Toll Free Access:         866 279 1567
International Access:    +1 205 354 0201
Meeting Number:        *6271829*

Agenda. (Goal is to have a 30 minute or less
session if possible.)

1. Announcements
   a. Reston face to face will have fewer there physically,
    but phone attendance plus already committed make a quorum. 
    So we are still on for our next face to face.
   b. Comments received so far.

3. Reports from subteams. 
   Negotiation report from Marty.
   Webservice research team: open discussion with Arvola and Pallavi. 
   Tony F. and Hima: ideas about transaction support.

4. Any opinions about prioritization for:
   a. CPPA generalization efforts
      (1). other flow/choreography notations?
      (2). other messaging approaches-- XMLP and W3C official SOAP? 
   b. Enhancements (Security): Selim and Peter research 
       (1.) SAML,  
       (2.) formats, references, encryption of credential sets,
            policies concerning maintenance of credential sets.
       (3.) WS-SEC
       (4.) Authorization -- XACML, Project Liberty, Passport...

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